This block links a particular FLOW_CONDITION to the appropriate REGION to define an initial condition. It is set up similar to the INITIAL_CONDITION block, by first creating a list of flow conditions, and then applying them to appropriate REGIONs using this block.

BOUNDARY_CONDITION <boundary_condition_name>
  FLOW_CONDITION <flow_condition_name>
  REGION <region_name>


  • <boundary_condition_name>: name of the boundary condition.

  • <flow_condition_name>: name a flow condition defined in the input deck that will be applied to the region specified in the boundary condition.

  • <region_name>: name of a region defined in the input deck where the flow condition specified in the boundary condition will be applied.

For example, this block can be used with an hydrostatic condition to set up an open boundary, see below:

BOUNDARY_CONDITION west_open_boundary
  FLOW_CONDITION hydrostatic_press !hydrostatic condition
  REGION west_side