Release notes


The OGS 1.4 version of PFLOTRAN is the fourth in a series of releases designed to support reservoir engineering required for carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS).

Compared to the previous OGS 1.3 version of PFLOTRAN, the main new elements are:

  • Carter-Tracy aquifer model

  • Fixed-temperature thermal boundaries

  • An hysteresis model for relative permeability and capillary pressure

  • Introduction of well group control

  • Enhanced reporting: FLIP, mass balance, CO2 solution and residual trapping

  • The well model now support PI multiplier and variable drilling direction by completion

  • New default convergence criteria based on dimensionless residual, included in RESERVOIR_DEFAULT

  • NOGASSOL option to turn off the solution of gas in the aqueous phase


Units are now required for all well values such as reference depths.

RESERVOIR_DEFAULTS has been extended to set the STOL and ITOL non-linear convergence criteria and the maximum number of non-linear iterations.