The MISC table defines the solvent-saturation-dependent miscibility function \(f_m^s(f_s)\) used to interpolate between the immiscible and the miscible sets of relative permeability functions in the Solvent Todd-Longstaff model, see also related theory page. Below is an example of the table:

  0.0  0.0
  0.2  0.0
  0.5  1.0

The first column is the solvent saturation fraction in the vapour phase:

\[f_s = \frac{S_s}{S_v} = \frac{S_s}{S_s+S_q}\]

\(f_s\) must grow monotonically moving down the table, and its values must be between 0 and 1. The second column reports the corresponding values of \(f_m^s\), which must have values between 0 (immiscible) and 1 (miscible). The table must have at least two entries.

If the MISC table is not entered, \(f_m^s\) defaults to a linear function with null value for zero solvent saturation, and unity when the vapour is fully saturated with solvent (\(f_s=1\)).