An alternative method of restarting PFLOTRAN is to reload an Eclipse format restart file.

If present, ERESTART must be defined within SIMULATION.

ERESTART is used to restart a simulation from a given time. However, in the case of ERESTART the solution is loaded from an Eclipse restart file, which may have been written out by a Pflotran base run using the eclipse output keywords keywords.

To reload from a unified Eclipse output file such as base.UNRST at 1000 days, use:

ERESTART base 1000 d

To reload from an Eclipse multiple file called base.X0014, use:

ERESTART base.X0014 1000 d

If you are not certain which multiple restart file contains the required time, specify:

ERESTART base.X0000 1000 d

when the required time is not found on the nominated file, Pflotran will sweep through the files looking for the required time.