Water density linear model

See Example below:

  SURFACE_DENSITY 1004.0 kg/m^3
  DENSITY LINEAR 1000.0 1.0D7 4.6D-10

Note that in the example above, IFC67 default models are used for viscosity and enthalpy, because no other models are specified.

The three values entered are, in order:

  • The reference density, \(\rho_{ref}\), units kg/m^3

  • The reference pressure, \(P_{ref}\), units Pa

  • The water compressibility, \(C\), units 1/Pa

These values are used in the following model. The density is computed as:

\[\rho( P)=\rho_{\mbox{ref}} [1+C (P− P_{\mbox{ref}})]\]

Units cannot be entered and the values must be entered in the units reported above.