The WATERTAB block is used to define aqueous phase properties for a range of temperatures and pressures.

In the example below data is provided for just one temperature:

  SURFACE_DENSITY 1000.0 kg/m^3
      PRESSURE psi
      FVF bbl/bbl
      TEMPERATURE 115.0
        14.7 1.025335 0.3
        5000 1.01     0.3
        8000 1.000991 0.3
      END !end TEMP block
    END !end DATA

In the example above data is provided for just one temperature, and non-default field units are used for pressure. The IFC67 default model is used for enthalpy, because no other model is specified.

The WATERTAB block may contain several different pressure tables, one for each temperature. In the pressure table, column 1 is the pressure, column 2 is the formation volume factor (\(B_w\)), column 3 is the viscosity (\(\mu_w\)).

The pressure in column 1 must increase monotonically, and the pressure tables must be ordered by increasing temperatures. The number of pressure points given for each temperature must be the same, however the values and range of the pressure can vary. Temperatures and pressures outside the given range are extrapolated. When pressure data is available for only one temperature, the properties are considered isothermal.

The default units used by this table are:

  • Bar for the pressure,

  • \(m^3/m^3\) for \(B_w\)

  • \(cP\) (centipoise) for the viscosity

  • C for temperature.

DATA_UNITS specifies units different from the default values, and need include only the properties (in any order) for which units are needed. The temperatures can currently be entered only in degrees Celsius.